"Creating moments that last a lifetime is just one of the things we love to do!"

DJ Jack

DJ Jack (aka DJ Gingerbeard aka The Musical Viking) is an unapologetic music nerd and our resident expert in all things geeky! Jack has always been involved in music since a young age, learning piano and drums early on, there was never a time he was not working on some sort of project. From mixing and rock bands, to A Cappella choirs and college radio, there was always a tune in his head that needed to be shared. As his beard grew, so too did his eclectic taste in music, from Pop to Punk, Hip hop to EDM, Jack spins it all, he is even known to throw in some freestyle for those lucky aficionados.

Jack's attention to detail and scientific approach to music is a product of his background in the research field. "Being a DJ and MC is such a great counterpart to my other work! I absolutely love helping people let loose and just enjoy the moment. Whether it's a wedding or corporate event, music is that great unifier that lets people forget their everyday stresses and get joyfully lost dancing to songs with their friends and families, the open bar also tends to help with that!"

Jack works hard to ensure that your event is as custom tailored to fit as that wedding dress or tuxedo. Jack is passionate about making sure you have a fantastic time and leave with a smile on your face. If you are looking for a professional whose calm demeanor will keep you at ease from beginning to end, look no further!