"Creating moments that last a lifetime is just one of the things we love to do!"

DJ Johnny Mack

John's fun and energetic personality stands out the moment you meet him. John attributes his entertaining personality to the time he spent as a child singing and preforming in front of hundreds of people. "That time spent performing with so many different people has made it easy to be in front of a crowd." At family get-togethers John was always the DJ, "I've had a lifelong obsession with music, being the DJ at family gatherings was my favorite, I love how music makes people feel, I would be lost without my music."

John holds a BA in Theatre & Business Studies from Providence College and an MBA in Marketing & Management from the University of Connecticut. Working for a Fortune 500 Company John understands the importance of creating an event that is an escape from the norm. It's said best by Bryan Mills, "'I have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career.' Skills that make entertaining effortless." John's professional demeanor, enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of music will ensure your celebration is unforgettable!

When John joined the CNT team, "it was meant to be." John was officiating a friends wedding and Tony recognized his infectious personality, after learning about his passion for music it was clear John had the potential to be a great DJ. A few years later and John is rocking events and dancing behind the booth or in the crowd. "With the support of my wife and three children, I've never looked back. I get to create lasting memories that provide an escape from the redundancy of life; I want you to remember your special day for years to come." If an unforgettable event with an energetic and passionate DJ is what you're looking for "DJ Johnny Mack" is your guy