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DJ / Host: Dom Moura

“Celebrating Life. That’s what it’s all about for me. That’s what we do here and that’s what I love doing.”

For as long as he can remember, music has always played a huge part of Dom’s life.
In his youth, his dad would always wake him up on Saturday mornings by blasting music from artists like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Billy Joel, or Peter Gabriel while making breakfast for the family. There were never car rides that didn’t involve cranking the music up to “11” and singing along to every song, even if you didn’t know all the words. For Dom, music has always had a way of bringing people together. “I still laugh at how my dad and I would sing the wrong lyrics to “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”. Instead, we would be in the car singing at the top of our lungs -“Thirty Days and a Thunder Chief!!!” It’s carefree and fun moments like that that have instilled a love and appreciation for music early on in my life. It was the first thing I remember really bonding with my father over.”

This appreciation of music soon led to Dom’s interest in playing guitar. Dom has been an avid electric and acoustic guitar player since he was in high school, writing his own songs and enjoying the whole creative process. This soon led to his earliest experience performing in front of people, which was during Sunday mass at his church. This experience has given Dom the opportunity to play guitar and sing at an entire wedding ceremony. Dom also enjoyed playing in a few garage bands with his friends. For Dom, these were just further examples of how music brought people together in his life.

“Music has always brought so much joy and happiness to my life whether I’m deejaying, playing guitar, or listening to music on my headphones or in my car. One thing that I always appreciated about music in general, is how it can take you places. What I mean is, a certain song may take you back to when you were in high school or another song might pump you up while you are working out. Another song can inspire you and yet another might comfort you while you’re going through a hard time. Music to me is an emotional journey that I love to share with others, so if you share that same passion I’d love to share the road with you.”

Dom became drawn to deejaying after seeing his friend Carlos (the “C” in CNT Entertainment) in action. “It looked like so much fun and I thought that it could be another way to express my musical creativity.” Dom is a big part of the CNT family since he has joined and has loved every minute of it. CNT Entertainment even deejayed his wedding. Dom enjoys deejaying and emceeing many different types of events, including weddings.

Being Portuguese, Dom has helped celebrate many Portuguese events and loves to celebrate with different ethnicities and cultures. “I appreciate all the details that go into some of the more ethnic events that I’ve been a part of. It’s fun to see how other cultures celebrate and have a good time. After all, there are many ways to rock a party and I enjoy seeing them all!”

Dom has a very easy-going personality combined with an inner love of people and celebrations. He has a strong presence that commands the dance floor and is very comfortable on the microphone. He enjoys all types of music and is always reading the crowd to produce the most packed dance floor. “What makes being a DJ/MC so cool is getting the opportunity to make someone’s wedding, birthday, corporate event, or whatever party a memorable experience they will never forget. I love music and spreading that joy of music to others.”

When Dom is not Deejaying he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, working with the youth in his church, playing guitar, and listening to music. Dom is currently working on instilling this love of music in his baby daughter, “I hope one day I can collaborate with her or at least have some fun singing karaoke!” Keep an eye out for Dom this year as he is working on putting out some fun mixes on social media.t.

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Esther & Lohe
DJ Dom kept everyone on the dance floor! DJ Dom was just the man we needed for the job! Dom was punctual, professional, and experienced. He sat down with my wife and I to get to know us and to prep the playlist for our wedding. Dom answered all of our questions and inspired a lot of confidence. The night of the wedding reception Dom was all set up before our guests arrived and he provided excellent entertainment! All of our guests told us that we picked a great DJ and that they had a great time! We are very pleased with CNT Entertainment.

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Anthony's Lake Club, Danbury
Anthony's Lake Club, Danbury

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