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Meet The Team

Talented DJs And Event Hosts
Tony Cordeiro - DJ / Host

Tony Cordeiro

DJ / Host - Owner

Tony’s love for music and performing all began with his first musical instrument, the Accordion. His mom would sing to him while he played, “It was truly some of the best times of my life.”

As the years went by his passion for music grew, Tony began to play in several bands. Traveling all over the country performing for crowds as large as 40,000 people….

Carlos Ribeiro
DJ / Host - Owner
Jack Anderson - DJ / Host

Jack Anderson - DJ / Host

DJ Jack (aka Striking Viking) is an unapologetic music nerd and our resident expert in all things geeky! Jack has always been involved in music since a young age, learning piano and drums early on, there was never a time he was not working on some sort of project. From mixing and rock bands, to A Cappella choirs and college radio, there was always a tune in his head that needed to be shared…

Dave Olinda - DJ / Host

Dave Olinda - DJ / Host

Music came second when Dave decided to join CnT Entertainment. His passion for the industry is all about the experience a client receives. This client-centered focus carries into his work outside of CnT Entertainment, “I’m passionate about the experiences of my employees at work, the kids I coach in youth sports and everyone I meet in my personal life….

Dom Moura - DJ / Host

“Celebrating Life. That’s what it’s all about for me. That’s what we do here and that’s what I love doing.”

For as long as he can remember, music has always played a huge part of Dom’s life.
In his youth, his dad would always wake him up on Saturday mornings by blasting music from artists like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Billy Joel, or Peter Gabriel while making breakfast for the family. There were never car rides that didn’t involve cranking the music up to “11” and singing along to every song, even if you didn’t know all the words. For Dom, music has always had a way of bringing people together. “I still laugh at how my dad and I would sing the wrong lyrics to “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”…

DJ Peck - DJ / Host

Chris Mercer- DJ / Host

Chris’s absolutely  loves what he does. His passion for music and wiliness to do what ever it takes to make every event special. Is what separates him  from all of the rest. Every time Chris is on an event, the couples or clients always go out of the way to call us to let us know how amazing he was.
We are lucky to have him on our team

Chris Mercer DJ / MC

Keith Jackson - DJ / Host