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Wedding DJ Prices

How Much Should I Pay For My Wedding DJ

Wedding DJ Prices

After our extensive research, we found that most wedding DJ prices from professional DJ companies vary from $800 to $2500 
This is just for a single DJ with some basic lighting. Ceremony, photo booths and other enhancements are usually add on services.

Like anything you might buy, pricing for wedding entertainment can vary greatly with a services based business.
We realize many companies in our industry have similar sounding packages and service offerings, but once you look into them more closely and do your homework, you will quickly discover that there is a difference and cost may vary from company to company based on several factors including quality, experience, and the level of detail given to your event planning.

Define: Professional Wedding DJ

First, let’s define what a professional Wedding DJ is:

  • Has a registered business with a tax ID
  • Must Be Fully Insured
  • Has a professional website
  • Standardized Wedding Packages 
  • Social Media Accounts showing past events
  • At minimum 50 reviews
  • Office to meet
  • Attends several Bridal Shows a year

The $800 Wedding DJ

  • Lacks experience:
    This does not make them a bad DJ, but weddings are more than just playing music. There is coordinating, making announcements, and their level of professionalism. More importantly, how do they handle when something goes wrong? 
  • Equipment:
    Because they a newer in the business, they may lack back up systems, not have wireless mics for speeches, older equipment, etc… 
  • Planning & Coordinating:
    May lack the tools to make it easier for you to plan and organize every aspect of your wedding. Timelines, Activities & Music. 
    Try our Online planner below.
  • Host / MC for your wedding
    Most are very week in this category and lack training. They will make all the basic announcements but lack the ability to interact with your friends, family, and other vendors.  Download our questions to ask your wedding DJ before your book below.
  •  Farms Out Your Wedding
    Most companies that offer inexpensive DJ options will farm out their work. What that means is they don’t actually have any wedding DJs that work for them directly. They will reach out to there network and will take the first one that is willing to do the wedding for the lowest cost. You never know who you are going to get for your wedding DJ. Don’t take that chance with your wedding. Their are better options.

The $2500 Wedding DJ

One of the most common questions we get when it comes to wedding DJ pricing is this.
“Am I getting a better DJ if I spend more money?”
Not necessarily. That’s why it’s so important to do the research and ask the proper questions.

  • Higher Overhead
    One of the reasons why you’re paying more is these DJ companies have much higher overhead. After paying for the big office, the salesperson or owner, the receptionist, and finally your DJ. There is not much left. 
  • Cookie Cutter Weddings
    To simplify the process, most of these companies will be very cookie-cutter or vanilla. Every weekend they do the same wedding, with the same music. Not very original or personal.
  • Sell you things you don’t need
    Another common thing we see with these companies is they are always trying to sell you things you don’t really need to get there price up. They will tell you that it will enhance your guest’s experience by having this specific thing added. This is not true, spend the money on the things that are important to you, not the DJ company.

Our Wedding DJ Pricing

We offer several wedding packages ranging from $1400 to $3000. Let us help you design the perfect wedding package. We can also personalize your wedding package base on your budget as well. All of our team of amazing DJs / Hosts work directly for us. 


Does This Sound Like You?

  • I want to have a personalized & fun wedding experience.
  • I want the option to be able to have input on the music that’s played.
  • I want planning to be easy & stress-free by having access to an online system for all our wedding details.
  • I want to meet the DJ/MC before our wedding day and have access to them throughout the whole process.
  • I would love a “Day Of Coordinator” to take care of all the details while we sit back and enjoy our wedding.
  • When it’s all over I want our friends & family to say,
    “That Was Awesome!”
    “Best Wedding Ever!”
    “Didn’t Want This Night To End”

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What Our Couples Are Saying

Natalia & Nghiep
Apr 03, 2020
Read More
CNT Entertainment did an amazing job at our wedding. Everything went better than our expectations. We loved and enjoyed working with you guys. Throughout the whole experience from the initial meeting to the very end you guys were very professional, tending and caring. We can definitely feel that you guys are passionate and love what you do and with that energy you guys made our wedding special and memorable. Most importantly we, our families and our guests had a fantastic time at our wedding. It was what we dreamt of, it was PERFECT. Thank you!!!!e
Tia Given
Dec 16, 2018
Read More
We booked CNT Entertainment for our wedding back in May & boy were we surprised at how incredible this crew is! Tony DJed our wedding along with Dom & Dave. The first time we met Tony, we knew we found the perfect match. Booking was easy & he was able to work with our budget so that we could have everything we wanted- including an awesome photo booth that EVERYONE loved! Tony was so laid back and fit into our family seamlessly during our meetings & wedding. He understood exactly the style music we liked based off of just a few songs we requested. I mean, when I tell you he fit perfectly, he really did. He even went above & beyond & brought us a surprise! He played the accordion for us after we found out he knew how to play! That really really made everyone's night. It was FANTASTIC! Dom & Dave were so much fun, they really know how to get the party started! Everyone at our wedding were constantly complimenting us on them, saying they've never been to a wedding that played SUCH good music & had DJ's that interacted & felt like family with the guests. No chicken dance here! Nothing but awesome music, an awesome crew & an amazing night. We couldn't have done it without CNT! We are forever grateful to them. & Tony if you see this, you're still coming over for Sunday dinner at grandma's house one of these days! Love you guys!
Leah T
Oct 24, 2019
Read More
CNT Entertainment is absolutely amazing!! After a month of researching several entertainment companies for our wedding, I spoke with Carlos and knew cnt entertainment would be great!! Very experienced and professional. Our Dj jack added to our reception by adding beautiful white uplighting & a personalized monogram. After meeting with Jack 2 weeks before our wedding I was relaxed and completely confident that he was going take care of every detail from cocktail hour straight to our last song of the night! We couldn’t be happier and would highly recommend CNT to anyone who’s planning a wedding or a party!!!
Mike and Monique
Mar 02, 2019
Read More
Talk about a perfectly professional DJ company! We hired Carlos for our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Carlos was our DJ throughout the entire planning process. We had no idea what we wanted for music, but knew we wanted our guests up dancing all night long. He had great suggestions and totally put our minds at ease. We knew we were not going to get a set playlist, but customized song sets that reflected our guests. Unfortunately, two days before our wedding Carlos was ill and would not be able to attend our wedding. Now normally bride panic would have set in, however Carlos already had a plan in place. He had two of his other DJs, Dom and Jack come to his hospital room to go over all the information for our wedding. Here he was with much bigger things to worry about than our wedding, but still making sure our day would be perfect. He was in constant communication with us, making sure we were comfortable with the switch. (He even had his wife text us at one point). That is professional dedication. Dom and Jack quickly took over and arranged a phone call to iron out any last minute questions. The day of our wedding Dom and Jack were flawless! The ceremony music was exactly what we wanted and everything was timed perfectly. They then made a seamless switch into DJing cocktail hour and right into the reception. Our guest were dancing the entire time, which is exactly what we wanted. Dom and Jack had a great read on the crowd and hadeveryone off their seats! They even did a quick center piece giveaway game to get everyone up and on the dance floor right after dinner. (Ask about it, you won’t be disappointed)! As we thanked Dom and Jack at the end of the night, they showed us a video of Carlos from the hospital wishing us a great wedding and apologizing for not being able to make it. I don’t know how you could ever find a more dedicated and professional DJ. They all love what they do and want to make their clients big days to be perfect, which is clearly evident from the attention to detail and communication. If you want a DJ to wow your guests and keep the party going all night, then look for further than Carlos and his team! We cannot thank you enough!
Brian Gmelin
Sep 16, 2019
Read More
CNT Entertainment, brought the funk, the fun, and the most downright unforgettable memories that I know that I will still be laughing about before my time is done. Tony is the utmost professional. He was the DJ at my June ‘19 summer beach wedding and he made the entire night truly special. He was given an incredibly difficult challenge as my wife had much of her Spanish speaking Colombian family in attendance. Not only did he hire another MC to translate speeches, he blended both VERY different cultures to ensure that everybody would have an amazing time. My wife’s 92 year old grandma danced all night, and she’s probably still dancing. The best thing about Tony isn’t the way that he breathes fire into a reception, or that he can make a room full of grumpy old people want to dance like Patrick Swayze. Or the fact that he caters to every detail. It’s mostly his patience, flexibility and downright professionalism. Planning a wedding is challenging, but Tony makes things easy. I vetted a lot of DJ’s, Tony’s price was more than fair.. a service that I’m glad to have paid for!! I’m sure I was probably the worst client he has ever had, I threw so many last minute wrenches his way..... but he was the BEST vendor that I could have ever hired. So let me say this one more time, Tony is hands down the best... so do yourself a favor and give CNT Entertainment a call! Thank you Tony!
Dom & Nat
Dec 16, 2018
Read More
Carlos! Best DJ and MC out here in the biz. Had my whole family dancing the whole night. My little old great aunt, my uncle in his wheelchair, my shy little nephew were all out on the dance floor most of the night. Carlos organized everything seamlessly with our reception venue, The Waterview, to create a night that our guests are telling us a month and a half after the event that this was the best wedding they've ever been to. Thank you Carlos and CNT entertainment!
Stephanie V
Oct 22, 2018
Read More
These guys know how to throw a party!! Our wedding was on October 13, 2018 at Farmington Gardens, and it was such a fun night!! From the very beginning when we got there Carlos grabbed us and brought us into the reception area to make sure the uplighting was what we wanted and showed us the Photo Booth and made sure everything was to our liking. We met him a few times to go over the planning and what would go into the night. Carlos was MC and he had DJ John with him and there was someone on the photo booth. Honestly From the first time we met Carlos we knew he was organized and knew how to run a wedding, because trust me there is a lot more time management that goes into the reception than you think! He kept the music to exactly what we had requested, and we threw a few songs he didn’t have in there so! Starting at cocktail hour and through then end of the night, even that night I threw a few songs at them and they got played! They got everyone up from their seats with a fun game and I wasn’t too keen on doing but I’m so glad he suggested it because it was such a great intro into the rest of the “party time” of the night. They were just very organized worked well with us, Carlos made accommodations to meet us close to our house for meetings during the planning process and even sent monthly reminders of what we should get done for planning throughout the year. Truly great guys, they made the atmosphere of the night so fun and comfortable even the people who don’t like dancing were on the dance floor. It was exactly what we had hoped for, for our wedding reception!
Julie Pinette
Jun 10, 2018
Read More
We first discovered CnT at a friend’s wedding. The music was great, and we had so much fun dancing the night away. We knew immediately that we had to have them at our wedding. We chose CnT because of their incredibly reasonable prices and their professionalism. And it doesn’t hurt that these guys definitely know how to party. We selected the package that had both an emcee and a DJ and uplighting. They provided all the music for the outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour and the indoor reception. The sound quality was great, and we had absolutely nothing to worry about. Their amazing planning website allowed us to make specific requests, set up a timeline, and even communicate the order entrances. It couldn’t have been easier or more convenient. Before the wedding, we met with Tony. He was so much fun to work with, and he helped us feel completely relaxed. With the help of the DJ, he was even able to harmonize our incredibly diverse music interests into a coherent playlist that effortlessly flowed through the party. Having Tony as our emcee, in addition to the DJ, was the best choice we made. While the DJ was playing music, Tony was working behind the scenes running around, making sure people were in the right place and running on time. He even knew how to work the crowd. I have never seen every single guest on the dance floor at a wedding and somehow he managed to do it. If you’re looking for your wedding be the party of the lifetime, you simply have to book CnT Entertainment.

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2. They didn’t sit down to plan out and agree on their budget before they start spending money.

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