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COVID-19 Weddings Advice Guide

Lighting the Sweet Heart Table

We know many couples are being affected by the Coronavirus, having to make difficult decisions about your wedding day. Remember that you are not alone in all of this, there are couples all over the world feeling overwhelmed, angry, sad, and everything in between. We are here for you during this time of uncertainty, no matter where you are in the wedding planning process.

This situation is still fluid and states have different recommendations, but one thing is certain: The CDC has recommended the cancellation of weddings in the US until Mid-May, you can learn more here. We have been talking with many couples and helping them find solutions that meet their individual needs. We wanted to share some helpful tips and resources that you can have access to at any time. 

  1. Let yourself grieve. It’s perfectly normal to be upset and feel a wide range of emotions. The most important thing is to take care of yourself, remember that your wedding will happen, and it will be the most amazing day! Everyone will come together to celebrate your love!


  2. Keep in touch with your vendors. As experts in the industry, we are monitoring all recommendations and changes closely. We have a pulse on the situation and how it may affect future weddings. If you’re concerned or considering making any changes your team of vendors will be able to talk about the options available to you. We are going to help you find solutions! 
  3. Postpone don’t cancel, we are sure you have heard this time and time again. We realize it may not be the best solution for everyone but you both deserve to celebrate. Finding an alternative date with all your vendors will not only save your deposits but result in the least amount of changes. If the date is important to the both of you, consider having a special dinner or small wedding ceremony and the larger celebration later.                                                
  4. Think about your guests. We have all been impacted by the coronavirus so it’s important to consider your guest’s comfort and health. Keeping them updated is important, whether you choose to update them on your wedding website, through text or even sending a fun “change of date” card.


  5. If you’re just starting to plan, have fun! Set up virtual appointments with vendors, create your Pinterest Wedding board, and contact your wedding party to spread some love. Some vendors are offering online discounts during this time also, so if there’s someone you want to book take a look and see what they are offering.


  6. Enjoy time with each other! Who else would you rather be quarantined with? Okay, probably us.😉 But really, if you share a space now is the perfect time to have date nights, game nights, and cozy up to your favorite movies. If you are in separate homes, Facetime or Zoom, and have virtual date nights, here are a few fun ideas. 

If there is anything you need at this time please contact us. We care about our couples and encourage you to reach out with any questions. We hope this information has been helpful and that you know your wedding will be amazing! 

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