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There are plenty of lists with recommended questions for your DJ. We wanted to take this a step further from the typical questions, like “Do you offer a written contract?” and “what will you wear?” Those are great questions, but they are littered over the internet, these questions go deeper and will help you determine if they are the right fit for you.

  1. Tell me about a time you DJed and something went wrong.
    This tells you how they handled any day of mishaps.

  2. What do you look for when you’re watching the crowd?
    You’ll want to know their perspective on how they read your guests. A good DJ will pay attention to what your guests are responding too on the dance floor.

  3. Can you show us videos of you MCing?
    The Master of Ceremonies makes all the announcements and you’ll want to see how they conduct themselves. It will also show you how they are dressed and their mannerisms.

  4. Describe your DJ style in one word.
    Many people will go on and on if you ask them to describe their style. Limiting it to one word tells you what they perceive to be their primary DJ trait.

  5. Do you use pre-determined set lists, take requests, or Mix Music on the spot?
    However they answer, you need to decide if that is what you envisioned for your wedding. Pre-determined set lists often mean the DJ will push play and not make any music changes as your event goes on. If they tell you they can Mix you’ll want to ask them where you can hear their mixes.

  6. How can you help make our wedding unique?
    If you haven’t already discussed your wedding vision, this question should open that dialogue. You may have a range of answers from add-ons or other services, you may be surprised to hear about special talents or ideas they may have for your big day.

  7. What is your cancellation policy?
    Now more than ever, knowing the cancellation policy is important. You can take this one step further and ask how they helped couples needing to reschedule or cancel during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  8. What happens if you get sick?
    It’s important to know what backup plan they have should your DJ get sick.

  9. How interactive are you with my guests?
    Knowing what to expect from your DJ will make sure you don’t have any day of surprises. Especially if you feel strongly about the energy you want your DJ to bring.

  10. What sets you apart from other DJ’s in the industry? 
    With so many DJs to choose from, this question tells you what makes them different from the competition

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