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Campardy is a program that combines the look and feel of a real TV hit show with literally all the bells and whistles, some traditional camp style physical challenges and music for an activity that needs to been experienced by everyone. Below, is our featured segment from WFSB-CT  “Better CT with Scott Haney.

What is Campardy

The game show portion of the event uses questions that are grade-appropriate from first grade to the high school level, which keeps the level of competition sharp. not only does this help educate the participant’s comma it is also a great confidence builder when they realize how much they already know.

Full Campardy ( 3 1/2 Hour Program )

After two rounds of the game show. It’s time to get physical with games like jukebox eliminator, Simon Says, or hula hoop contest. Then back to the game show. This format keeps the program fast-paced and the children interested in the activities. We also mix in a few dances like “Cha Cha Slide” or “Cotton-Eyed Joe”. This program runs about 3 1/2 hours including a break for lunch depending on the start time.

Mini Campardy ( 2 Hour Program )

This is a shorter version of the full Campardy. We still drop in a physical game or two with more focus on the game show portion. The program runs for 2 hours and all the children will go home with a smile on their faces. While Campardy is growing nationally, here in Connecticut, Campardy is already been an amazing success

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