Transform your room with your colors. Highlight your centerpieces, cake, or food stations with our pin spots lights so they come to life. Customize your room with a custom projected or moving monogram. Dance on the clouds and make your first dance magical. These and several other options can add so much more to your wedding and make any room come to life.

Most wedding halls are very vanilla or the colors are not what you were expecting. But, you love the location. What do you do? Lighting can do so much to the room and will transform it to what ever you can imagine. You can create effects and visuals that will show up in your pictures and videos that everyone will remember. Guests will be talking about it forever. Making your wedding really stand out from everyone else. Lighting is not for everyone, but it can change any room and create that wow factor for your wedding. Call today for more information. Here are some examples below. Enjoy and dream a little. Have fun.


Uplighting can add so much to you wedding or party. Set the mode for any room with our customized uplighting packages. Let us sit down with you and plan out what uplighting package will work for the room that you are working in. Design an uplighting theme based on you wedding theme colors. Call today to find out more information


Ad a personal touch when you are introduced into the hall. Monograms can be projected on the dance floor or any wall. Add a floral pattern to your design.


Ever walk into a hall for a wedding and everything is dark. The bride and groom have spent so much money on the cake and center pieces but you can't see them. Pin spots will highlight those pieces so your guests wont miss them.